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Running your business and focusing on clients and sales without getting distracted by the financial administration burden that comes with that.
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Profit First Implementation

Transform your business's financial health with CoFinance's Profit First Implementation service. Prioritize profit and sustainable growth effortlessly.


Simplify financial records with CoFinance's reliable Bookkeeping service. Stay on top of your business's financial health effortlessly.

Fractional CFO

Elevate your business strategy with CoFinance's Fractional CFO service. Gain expert insights for optimal growth and profitability.

Tax Strategy

Navigate taxation seamlessly with CoFinance's Tax Strategy service. We tailor approaches to minimize liabilities and keep your business tax-efficient.

Tax Filing

Enjoy stress-free tax seasons with CoFinance's Tax Filing service. Streamlined processes ensure accuracy and compliance.

About Us

Welcome to CoFinance, where financial empowerment meets personalized dedication. Under the guidance of Moshe Bochner, a distinguished Profit First Professional, we are committed to reshaping financial success for individuals and businesses alike.

Our team, led by Moshe, goes beyond traditional financial expertise. We craft tailored strategies for sustainable growth, instilling confidence in every financial decision. At CoFinance, your prosperity isn't just a mission—it's our driving force. We're not just service providers; we're your trusted partners on the journey to realizing your financial aspirations.

billion invoices are sent around the world each year


businesses say processing invoices takes up more than five days per month.


lack financial confidence, emphasizing the need for expert services.

Our Mission

to empower individuals and businesses on their financial journey. We are dedicated to providing expert guidance, precise solutions, and an unwavering commitment to our clients' success. Through tailored strategies and a deep understanding of financial landscapes, we aim to cultivate sustainable growth and confidence in every financial decision. Your prosperity is our mission, and we strive to be your trusted partner in achieving your financial goals.

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Flat it fittness

"Excellent experience with CoFinance, reliable and precise bookkeeping for peace of mind."

Collision on the go

"Outstanding commitment! CoFinance's accurate bookkeeping enhances financial processes."

Triangle Media

"CoFinance transformed our finances—precise, reliable, and dedicated to our success!"

Royal Glass

"Smart move choosing CoFinance. Professional, responsive, and efficient bookkeeping."

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